Scotland has a long tradition of alcohol and drug abuse. This harms neighborhoods, households, and lives, and adds to violence and criminal offense.

A lot of those impacted will have experienced hard life situations, and are amongst the most susceptible and marginalized in society, based on preconception since of their dependency.

It is approximated that drug abuse expenses society ₤ 3.5 billion a year while the effect of alcohol abuse is approximated to cost ₤ 3.6 billion a year – integrated, this is around ₤ 1,800 for each grownup in Scotland.


  • enhancing treatment for alcohol and drugs reliance through financial investment and nationwide waiting times targets
  • informing youths about the dangers and threats related to alcohol and drug abuse
  • assisting individuals to alter their drinking behavior through our Alcohol Behaviour Modification project
  • making inexpensive alcohol less readily available through a restriction on multi-buy promos and strategies to present a minimum rate per system of alcohol
  • taking forward action to reduce the beverage driving limitation in Scotland and present a brand-new drug driving offense
  • establishing legislation to enhance the operation and clarify of the present alcohol licensing legislation and to take forward the dedication to make it an offense to provide alcohol to under-18s in a public location
  • Lowering the threat of drug-related deaths by supporting the roll-out and embedding of the world’s very first nationwide naloxone program into mainstream NHS programs.
  • interfering with the supply of drugs into neighborhoods as part of our work to take on severe organized criminal offense
  • Dealing with the Office and authorities in Scotland to deal with the supply and determine of psychedelic compounds (called ‘legal highs’).
  • Examining the readily available powers to take on the sale and amount of brand-new psychedelic compounds or \’ legal highs \’ through a professional evaluation group.


 The Method for Justice in Scotland sets out our method to make the Scottish justice system suitable for the 21st century.

In 2008, we released the nationwide drugs technique for Scotland, The Roadway to Healing. This set out brand-new tactical instructions for dealing with issue substance abuse, based upon treatment services promoting healing.

Current favorable proof consists of:

Drug-taking in the basic population is falling – the findings from the 2014/15 Scottish Criminal Offense and Justice Study (released 28 June 2016) revealed that the variety of grownups, aged 16-59, who reported substance abuse in the in 2015 reduced from 6.2% in 2012/13 to 6.0% in 2014/15 (7.6% in the 2008/09 study).

Reported substance abuse has succumbed to both women and males in between 2008/09 and 2014/15, with a decline in reported illegal substance abuse in the in 2015 from 11.1% in contrast to 8.9% among males, and a decrease from 4.3% to 3.4% among ladies.

In 2009, we released Scotland’s nationwide alcohol structure which details a variety of steps to deal with issue alcohol usage. A development report was released in 2012.

Costs and legislation

The category and control of ‘regulated drugs’ in the UK is scheduled to the UK Federal government.

The Alcohol Minimum Rates Scotland Act 2012 was passed on June 2012 and will lead the way for the intro of a chosen minimum rate of 50p per system of alcohol. The Act is presently being appealed in the courts.

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